VIDEO: Revolutionize High-Density File Storage with the Ez2 Rotary File

A revolution in high-density storage, Datum’s Ez2 Rotary Action File is a user-friendly, rotating storage system that maximizes available space for storing files, books, office products, medical supplies, weapons, equipment, and more. Check out the video below to see how.

The Ez2 Action File features shelves that spin 360 degrees and are accessible on both sides to increase productivity. Storage can be configured in the front and back of each unit, providing twice the storage space within a single storage unit’s footprint. In fact, the Ez2 can store up to ten times the inventory of a traditional filling cabinet, and with no foot pedal there’s no tripping hazard and full ADA compliance.

If you have any questions about how to maximize storage in your facility, or if you’d like to speak with our team of experts about the solution that’s best-suited for you, contact us today.

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