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Create Organized, Secure Workspaces for Maintenance, Cleaning, and Care

High-Quality Storage for Organized, Efficient Workspaces

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your collection is critical to its preservation over time, and organizing your space to easily accommodate these activities is an important part of managing your artifacts. Datum offers a variety of heavy-duty shelving, desks, and workstations that can stand up to these activities and blend seamlessly with our storage systems to create organized and efficient workspaces for collection care.

We also provide custom solutions designed specifically for your museum’s maintenance and care workspace. From low-profile mobile storage units for challenging spaces to versatile, durable storage shelving to powered high-density storage, talk to our storage experts today about how we can help you organize, store, and secure these areas for maximum productivity, maintenance, and care.

If you’re looking for high-density storage for your maintenance and care workspaces, contact our experts today. We’re standing by and are ready to help in any way we can.


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