VIDEO: Custom TekCart Solution Keeps Schools Safe

We are proud to partner with Access411, the makers of the CAASS system, to help keep school districts safe and secure. Access411, the leader in providing software, technology and student tracking solutions to K-12 institutions, recently implemented our TekCart solution in Michigan’s Lansing School District to hold their custom technology known as the OneCard – an all-in-one identity management solution that provides access to schools, district resources and community agencies.

Click below to see a video of our TekCart and Access411’s OneCard in action and see how this combination of technology can help your law enforcement agency make your local schools a safe and secure climate in the years ahead.

If you are in need of a secure storage system for a custom technology solution in your school or law enforcement organization, contact us today. We can customize a tech storage system specifically for your unique application that will protect and secure your critical technology. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you maintain security and safety across your district!

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