Tactical Gear Storage for Rapid Deployment

Today’s police officer is outfitted with more tactical gear than ever before. Keeping gear, weapons and personal items ready for fast deployment can be a challenge, particularly for departments that are working with limited space. Using a combination of optimized storage solutions can help you get the most out of your existing facilities—and help your officers respond fully prepared for every call.

A comprehensive storage system for law enforcement addresses the following areas:

Personal Items

For much of the week, your officers live out of their lockers, and they need more than a metal box with a hat shelf. When the Woodway Police Department was looking for lockers that could serve multiple functions, we designed custom lockers that featured plenty of room for uniforms and gear plus interior locking drawers and power strips for device charging. The lockers gave officers a hub for keeping their personal belongings organized and safe.

Tactical Gear

Tactical gear presents particular challenges because it is bulky, it needs to be ready for rapid deployment, and yet much of it is used infrequently. How can you keep it organized and ready without eating up space needed for daily activities? We recently solved this challenge for the Kentucky Air National Guard. We created custom high-density storage units that kept everything from survival kits to parachutes organized and ready for rapid deployment. High density storage can help you pack 2-3 times the gear into your facility, conserving every valuable foot of space.


Our line of storage solutions for firearms and other gear includes everything from individual pistol lockers to high-density, secure weapons storage systems for large armories. Our cabinets, racks and components allow you to configure secure weapon storage to suit every type of firearm and every area of your facility. In addition, we can customize any unit so you can provide secure storage precisely where you want it.


Because it can involve anything from a pair of boots to a rifle, evidence storage presents unique challenges for law enforcement units. Datum can provide the right combination of weapons storage, open shelving, bulk storage and high-density shelving to secure and organize your evidence room and make the most of limited space. When the Watertown Police Department moved to a new facility with less storage space, we created a high-density storage solution that accommodated all of their evidence needs as well as archives and active files—and even gave them room to grow.

Readiness Saves Lives

In law enforcement, having the right gear readily available in every situation saves lives. If you’re feeling the pinch of dated or tight storage, talk to a representative today. We’ll be happy to consult with you about your storage needs and propose solutions to keep your officers ready for every call.

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