High-Density: Cold Storage

Cold Storage is expensive. According to CBRE, construction costs per sq. ft. for a temperature-controlled facility can be as much as triple the cost of constructing a traditional warehouse, and cold storage warehouses have one of the highest electric energy usage volumes in the commercial building sector. Therefore, maximizing your space and decreasing energy inefficiencies is crucial to save money and increase profits.

Many industries require temperature-controlled environments or cold storage to preserve their products or as a part of their production process, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, food processing and manufacturing, science laboratories and research centers, information technology and data centers, museums, and archives.

Datum’s MobileTrak® High-Density Storage Systems save space, time, and money by:

  • Creating a space where inventory is visible and quickly accessible, reducing retrieval time and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Doubling storage capacity without expensive renovations or off-site storage, which can interrupt productivity.
  • Maximizing the capacity of the space and helping maintain temperatures by reducing the air that escapes when the area is accessed, reducing energy costs.

Optional MobileTrak® Features for Cold Storage:

  • Metal crank handle to withstand below-freezing temperatures
  • Galvanized steel decking and carriage to decrease moisture retention
  • Stainless steel tracks and wheels to prevent rust
  • Can be configured for use in temperatures down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

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