US Military Installation: Custom GearStor Lockers

Before constructing a new building, a US Air Force base evaluated the current storage of flight gear housed in wood lockers. They found the outdated gear lockers were in disrepair and no longer effectively protected the equipment, including flight suits, helmets, vests, and personnel belongings. In addition, they determined the wood lockers were not secure and offered limited flexibility to accommodate evolving gear requirements.

The new lockers needed to offer the flexible, secure storage the Air Force required to be operationally prepared and efficient and built to withstand the daily wear and tear, unlike the previous wooden lockers. Maximizing the storage space within the minimal floor plan was also important.

Datum’s heavy-duty, steel GearStor lockers were the perfect solution to meet and exceed the Air Force base’s requests.

Datum’s team of engineers designed custom, fully-welded steel storage lockers to secure and protect the Air Force’s specialty gear. Datum maximized the storage capacity of the available footprint, installing 280 custom lockers. The lockers featured flexible components to accommodate future changes in gear requirements and a key-lock box to store personal items. In addition, each door was fitted with hasp closures and featured a diamond pattern to allow adequate ventilation for the contents inside.

Overall, the new American-made steel GearStor lockers provided the flexible, secure storage the Air Force base needed to maximize the space and efficiency of the new building.

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