Education Case Study – East Georgia College

Education Case Study
East Georgia College
Swainsboro, Georgia

Custom LapTop Locker™ for Dormitory Students

East Georgia College was looking for an individual storage solution for dormitory students to store their laptops and other valuables within the limited space of their dorm rooms. The college needed a solution that was convenient and easy for students to use, and it also had to be secure and compact to ensure that the students’ computers and other items would be kept safe and out of the way in these small spaces.

After working directly with East Georgia College to define its needs, Datum designed a customized version of its LapTop Locker™ to meet the criteria. Every student dorm room was furnished with a LapTop Locker that provided a secure place for storing personal electronics or any valuables, and each locker was uniquely keyed, so only the student had access.

To preserve community space, each locker was wall mounted inside the dorm room closet instead of in a common area of the dorm. Installing the lockers inside closets gave students peace of mind because their personal items were stored in their rooms instead of in a public area. This also helped maintain the already limited space of the shared areas in each dormitory. In addition to storing large items like laptops, students could also store their identification, credit cards, or other sensitive materials inside the locker user a specially designed card pocket specifically for this purpose.

LapTop Locker™

  • secures and stores individual laptops, documents, personal belongings, and other valuables
  • 18″ x 14.5″ x 3.5″ compartment
  • compact design can be mounted on walls
  • ideal where floor space is limited or unavailable
  • protects valuables with heavy-duty steel construction
  • multiple locking options, including key, hasp, and electronic locks
  • padded interior keeps belongings from getting scratched while inside

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