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TekStak™ II Special Pricing

Intellerum by Datum

TekStak™ II Fixed-Location Storage and Charging with Individual Compartments

Intellerum by Datum’s TekStak™ II offers fixed-location storing and charging with individual compartments that can provide security for devices and personal items, such as laptops, cellphones, wallets, and keys. Select a storage solution with 5, 8, or 10 compartments with 2 USB ports and 1 AC outlet per compartment. Units also feature fold-down doors that require less clearance to open than hinged doors to prevent blocking access to other open compartments. Locking options include lock and key, hasp with padlock, or programmable digital lock, and a laminate top is available for additional workspace.

The TekStak II is part of Intellerum’s complete line of store and charge solutions that includes: Store and Charge Carts for high-capacity, mobile storage and charging, Compact Storage and Charging for smaller device quantities, and Store and Charge Lockers for individual storage and charging with separate compartments.

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Get to Know the TekStak™ II Special Pricing

  • 1

    Devices can be charged via USB or outlets in each tier.

  • 3
    Small Footprint

    Fold down doors require less space

  • 5
    Optional Laminate Top

    Provides handy worksurface

  • 2

    Choose from three (3) locking options to suit your security needs.

  • 4
    Easy Access to all tiers

    Doors stop at 90° so as not to block access to other tiers.  Can also be used as shelf for small items while accessing stored devices.

Literature & Specifications

Product Literature

Standard Colors

  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Light Gray
  • Medium Gray Metallic
  • Tan Metallic
  • Tech Blue


  • TekStak™ II
    Widths: 16.47"
    Heights: 27.25”, 41.5” and 51”

    • 16.52”
    • 5, 8 or 10 bay high units
    • Choose from key, hasp or electronic locking mechanism