Get Ready to Roll with MobileTrak5®

MobileTrak5® is the industry’s premier high-density storage solution, letting you pack 2-3 times more storage into your existing facilities. MobileTrak5® can accommodate all of Datum’s shelving solutions including 4Post, Argos weapons cabinets, and our stackable shelving solutions. We can even adapt it to shelving from other manufacturers to help you make the most out of your existing shelves and furnishings.

A range of track options make it easy to adapt MobileTrak5® to any space and flooring conditions, with non-grouted tracks that can be relocated and re-leveled, grouted tracks that can be recessed, and even seismic tracks to ensure reliable performance no matter what nature throws your way.

The MobileTrak5® Hybrid system features an enclosed drive mechanism and an external adjustable chain tensioner which eliminates the need to remove end panels for adjustments, while aisle locks prevent movement of carriages while in use.

Engineered with solid steel drive shafts and heavy-duty carriage construction, MobileTrak5® is built to stand up to years of heavy use.

Isn’t it time to move up to better storage?

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Get to Know the MobileTrak5®

  • 1

    Featuring an enclosed drive mechanism and an external adjustable chain tensioner, eliminating the need to remove end panels for adjustments.

  • 3

    Choose a durable polyvinyl or unfinished decking option to continue existing flooring across the decking of your groutless track system.

  • 5

    Carriages available in lengths up to 432 inches and widths of 60 inches, and are compatible with all Datum shelving solutions.

  • 7

    Engineered from a heavy-duty, high-grade polymer, handles feature a push button locking system. Choose between nine combinations of three handles and three knobs to suit any need and style

  • 2

    Choose from our innovative, groutless track system or recessed track system that can be built into the floor.

  • 4

    End panels available in custom laminates and colors to match existing décor.

  • 6

    Carriages are completed with a powder coat finish preventing wear and tear from daily use.

  • 8

    Aisle locks prevent movement of carriages while in use.

Explore the Possibilities with MobileTrak5®

Archival Storage

Archival Storage

The Litchfield Historical Society was looking for a new storage solution to replace their basic metal stationary shelving, storing the area's historical artifacts, ranging from period clothing to textiles and more.

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Evidence and Archival Storage

Evidence and Archival Storage

During their move into a new building, the Watertown Police Department found their current freestanding shelving to be less than adequate in storage capacity for their needs.

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Record Storage

Record Storage

The Kent County Superior Court office was undergoing new construction when they noted their old system of lateral files was overflowing with the records they had to store.

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Record Storage

Record Storage

A department for the commonwealth of Massachusetts was relocating to a new facility when they realized that they didn't have enough storage space for their records with the current vertical filing cabinet system.

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Literature & Specifications

Standard Paint Colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Bone White
  • Burgundy
  • Gray Mist
  • Industrial Red
  • Ivory
  • Light Gray
  • Medium Gray Metallic
  • Pure White
  • Safety Yellow
  • Sand
  • Tan Metallic
  • Tech Blue
  • Warm Brown
Wilsonart Standard Laminates & Melamines

  • Black
  • Dove Grey
  • Figured Mahogany
  • Frosty White
  • Grey Nebula
  • Khaki Brown
  • Manitoba Maple
  • Slate Grey
  • Solar Oak
  • White Nebula
  • White Sand
  • Wild Cherry


    Widths: 9" - 60"
    Lengths: 24" - 432"

    • Available in fixed and mechanical carriages

Label Holders
  • Standard Label Holder
    Standard Label Holder
  • DATUM Label Holder
    DATUM Label Holder
  • Designer Label Holder
    Designer Label Holder

  • "T" Handle System Lock
  • Manual System Lock
    Manual System Lock

  • Unfinished Decking
    Unfinished Decking
  • Polyvinyl Decking
    Polyvinyl Decking