Computer & Laptop Storage

Computer & Laptop Storage

Datum provides a suite of stationary and mobile storage units to protect computers, laptops, tablets, desktops, media, and other expensive technology against damage, loss, and theft. Options range from wall units that store a single laptop to storage units with charging stations for dozens of devices.


Classic LapTop Cart

Store, organize, and transport laptops, netbooks, tablets and other equipment for classroom and institutional use.

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CPU Locker™

A heavy duty protection and security solution for desktop computers while maintaining maximum security and organization.

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Economy Media Cart

The Economy Media Cart by Datum is an economical storage and transportation solution for educational, library, healthcare, industrial and corporate settings.

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LapTop Depot

Secured technology storage for schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and anywhere else technology needs to be shared across multiple users.

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LapTop Depot Cart

Store and organize laptops and other devices at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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LapTop Depot Pedestal™

Customizable, secure storage solutions for multiple laptops and small electronics in educational, healthcare and corporate settings.

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LapTop Depot Tower

Keep your technology safe with a solution that fits your growing needs.

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LapTop Locker™

The LapTop Locker is made in the USA from top quality steel with a durable powder coat finish for years of trouble-free performance. It is an ideal way to provide residents, visitors, guests and staff with secure temporary storage for laptops, cell phones, and other portable electronic devices.

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Mobile Computer Station

Engineered for easy transportation, this station provides an organized workstation with charging capacity to maintain a maximum level of readiness.

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Mobile Media Cart

An all-in-one secure mobile storage solution for audio and visual equipment, highly organized and versatile to provide maximum storage space and efficiency.

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NetBook Depot

Customizable, secure storage solutions for multiple netbooks or small laptops.

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QwikLink Depot™

Protects your hard earned technology and keep its organized and charged for use anytime & anywhere.

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Tablet Depot™

Keeps electronics, including tablets, laptops and netbooks, secure, charged, ventilated, organized and ready for use at all times.

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TekCart™ GLC

Store and charge valuable equipment for whenever and wherever you need.

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TekCart™ Universal

Designed to store & charge up to 48 devices at once. With innovative features and efficient layout, TekCart™ Universal helps you safely store all your technology.

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Ventilated, locking drawers to provide highly secure individual device storage in public settings and other areas shared by many users.

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