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Secure Electronic Storage for B. Reed Henderson High School

B. Reed Henderson High School

Installation Type High School
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B. Reed Henderson High School recently began allowing students to bring their laptops, tablets, and other electronics into to school to enhance their learning experience.

With this new electronics policy in place, the school was concerned about the students not having a secure place to store their electronics when they weren’t being used.

The solution was a bank of TekStaks located in the library, a common area for students.

Each bay of the TekStak had its own power source, allowing students to charge their electronic devices while they were being stored. Also, each door had its own electronic code lock, which could be reprogrammed with each new user, without the need for a library staff member to assist the students. Each tier of the units had its own ID tag, making it easier for students to remember where they put their things.

The TekStaks provided the school and its students with exactly what they needed. The school was pleased that they could choose burgundy for the color of the units, as it is one of their school colors, and it blended well with the library’s decor.

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