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Legal File Storage for Stock and Leader Attorneys

Stock and Leader Attorneys at Law

Installation Type Office
Amount of New Available Space 147 sq ft
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Product Installed

Stock and Leader Attorneys at Law have been providing legal services to the York County, Pennsylvania area since 1903. The firm is currently the largest full-service law firm in the county.

The firm’s former filing room in a city townhouse was very inefficient. When designing the filing room of their new office complex, they realized they required a storage solution that made the most efficient use of their space.

Stock and Leader chose to combine Datum’s4PostShelving with a TrakSlider System, reducing the amount of required floor space by 45%. The 4Post Shelving was able to house the large number of red rope folder the firm needed to file.

The space the firm saved by choosing a TrakSlider System allowed for the creation of revenue-generating workspaces. The fully modular TrakSlider System will also expand for any filing growth of the firm without requiring permanent attachment to the floor.

Please Note: some profiles of success may contain order versions of products, please check product pages for current specs.

"When we decided to start construction on our new office complex, we turned to Datum to create an efficient filing room. They were able to help us reduce the original amount of floor space we had planned for our filing room from 323 square feet to just 176 square feet, saving on construction costs and giving us much needed workspace area."

- Gary A. Sonke, Firm Administra

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