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Legal File Storage for McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Installation Type Office
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McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, a regional law firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was unsatisfied with their current rotary filing system, citing possible safety issues with the foot pedal, along with the pullout reference shelving snagging the underlying folders. Looking for a better system, they sought out Datum to come up with a solution.

To please the customer, Datum not only came up with a suitable replacement, but also suggested that a trial unit be placed beside an existing unit, for a side-by-side comparison by the company’s legal secretaries, the primary users.

Finding not only the cabinet to be a superior product, and easier to use, McNees purchased the Ez2 Rotary Action files to be installed on several floors in their building. The units mimicked their current systems with three major improvements: 1) no foot pedal which eliminated a tripping hazard and a need to unlock the system to turn it, 2) ease of expansion to either side and the ability to put back to back units together to maximize floor space usage, and 3) a reference shelf that was built into the system, as opposed to being an add on later, which eliminated the folder snagging situation.

McNees was also concerned with the new cabinets matching their existing product and décor. This wasn’t a problem, as Datum was able to match the other manufacturer’s paint color exactly, making the new Ez2s blend seamlessly into the rest of the environment.

Lastly, Datum supplied McNees with a Mail Master sort system to help organize their mail rooms. The sorters were mounted to the wall, leaving the existing work surface open for use.

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"From conception to design to production and installation, Datum was there every step of the way. The product was perfect for our application and they made it a simple and seamless process. We were up and running in no time."

- Brenda Landis, Operations Coordinator

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