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File Storage for Graphcom, Inc.

Graphcom, Inc.

Installation Type Industrial Building
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Graphcom, Inc., a commercial printer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, purchased a new printing press for their new Print-on-Demand department. Unfortunately, there was no room on the production floor for the press. After weighing the options of renting offsite storage space and expanding their building, they looked to Datum for help.

Graphcom opted for a TrakSlider System with ThinStak Shelving tiers to house their customer files. Because of the small amount of floor space required by the TrakSlider System, not only was Graphcom able to free up enough floor space for their new printing department, they were also able to relocate their customer files to their customer service department.

Previously, they had to walk downstairs to the shop, and then up a ladder to access files. Now, in a fraction of the time it took to access the old system, they merely take a few steps from their desks to retrieve files.

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"Originally, we planned to expand our building or rent offsite space for our new Print-on-Demand department, but the Datum TrakSlider™ System allowed us to keep everything in-house. The savings in rent and construction costs paid for the TrakSlider™ many times over."

- Greg Allen, CGAE, President

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