Theft Underscores Need for Secure Computer Storage in Schools

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Theft Underscores Need for Secure Computer Storage in Schools

A recent burglary at UCLA underscores the importance of secure technology storage. According to the LA Times, the burglar smashed windows in a UCLA library and stole 55 Apple laptops valued at $33,000. For most schools, technology is as integral to the classroom experience as paper and pen. Yet many lack dedicated storage for their devices, making them easy—and attractive—targets for thieves. As this case illustrates, locked doors may not deter a determined thief. There are three types of security solutions that schools should consider as part of a comprehensive technology security plan: permanent storage, mobile storage and temporary storage for students.

Permanent Storage

A range of solutions are available to protect school-owned equipment. Laptop and desktop lockers are available to protect individual units, while locking cabinets can be used to secure multiple devices.

Mobile Storage

For equipment that needs to serve multiple classrooms or locations, mobile computer carts can provide secure storage as well as charge devices, organize cords and keep accessories close at hand. Some carts can provide work spaces or integrate media. Mobile storage allows schools to stretch their budgets by sharing technology across classrooms without putting expensive devices at risk.

Temporary Storage

Finally, many schools are providing secure storage for individual devices to protect students’ equipment from loss and theft. With so many schools offering bring-your-own-device privileges to students, the need for secure solutions is growing. Datum’s TekStak is a versatile solution for providing highly secure storage in a public area such as a library.
Thefts and Disappearance

Organized, secure storage does more than deter serious thieves. It helps students and staff keep track of devices, cords and accessories, preventing them from getting lost or damaged. That’s good news for your students, as well as your budget. See how one school is using our TekStak solutions to secure student devices in their library. Read the Case Study >