Space Saving Goes Green

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Space Saving Goes Green

The state of our environment is a top-of-mind subject in the business world today. Datum recognizes the importance of a sustainable earth and believes it is the responsibility of every person and every enterprise to set a standard for sustainability by assessing the impact of their business practices on our environment and implementing sound policies throughout their process and daily operation.

Datum strives to demonstrate that a manufacturer, through education and action with employees, customers and vendors, can exist successfully while improving the environment. As more options for environmentally friendly products and services become available, Datum promises to expand its dedication to a greener way of conducting business.

Below is an overview of what we are doing currently to help improve the environment, as well as what we plan to do in the near future:

Recycled Content

Datum makes every effort to purchase raw materials containing recycled content. The major raw materials purchased by Datum have the following recycled content:

  • Cold Rolled Steel – contains an average minimum of 60% recycled content
  • Cardboard – contains 43% post consumer recycled content
  • Particle Board – no new trees are harvested for production of the particle board used in Datum products; pre-consumer waste wood from other operations such as saw mills and planning mills supply the raw material plus approximately 5% is from secondary sources such as construction sites and demolition.

Recycling Practices

Datum employs a variety of recycling practices that include:

  • All scrap metals, cardboard packaging, aluminum cans and plastics are recycled.
  • Datum office employees recycle paper at each workstation.
  • Printer ink cartridges are sent to a recycling facility.
  • Mobile phones are donated to local charities.
  • Most Datum printed materials are produced on recycled paper with soy based printing inks.

Manufacturing Process

Datum’s customer commitment includes producing durable products that are completed with a powder coat finish. Additionally, we ensure our commitment to the environment by using only water-based adhesives in our manufacturing processes.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

In our continued commitment to green initiatives, Datum has contracted with renewable energy consultants to determine additional environmentally-friendly practices and processes that can be put into place, including examining the feasibility of installing wind turbines to produce 60-75% of our electric usage.

Datum has also begun to explore a partnership with photovoltaic panel provider to determine the possibility of using our building roof for the installation of solar panels. Just another way Datum is leading the way to a greener tomorrow.


Our commitment is to producing high quality, durable products designed to last a lifetime and engineered for your needs today and tomorrow. Our commitment ensures that your Datum solution will always meet your needs and continued to be used for years to come.

Product Recycling

Datum is proud to say that nearly 100% of the materials used to produce Datum’s storage solutions can be recycled, thereby keeping our products out of landfills and reducing the long-term impact on the environment.


Datum’s internal “Green team” works to identify practices that can be implemented for positive environmental impact. We make sure those green practices are put into action and pass tips along to our customers so they, too, can help make a greater impact on our community.