Intellerum Updates Their Tek Line Of Products

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Intellerum Updates Their Tek Line Of Products


Safely storing, organizing, and charging mobile devices like laptops and notebooks can be an ongoing challenge. Whether you’re looking for a way to store laptops for your school or are interested in charging multiple devices in one location at your office, Datum Storage Solutions has something to meet every need. From depots and carts to stationary units, keeping your technology safe, organized, and fully charged has never been so easy.

This month, Intellerum (A Division of Datum Storage Solutions) is proud to announce the launch of several new products for their Tek line. New for the 2018 year is the TekCart Prime, TekDepot, and updated versions of the TekCart GLC and TekStak. Added features to the line include the Intellepower™ Smart Timer, USB ports, and refined designs for easy storage for years to come.

TekCart Prime

After extensive R&D, the Datum team wanted to refine their popular TekCart platform and provide a fresh design with increased storage capacity and a revolutionary charging feature. The Intellepower™ Smart Timer uses industry-leading current-sensing technology to determine amperage draw from each device’s power strip. Through continued amperage monitoring, the Intellepower™ Smart Timer is able to charge multiple power strips simultaneously and shut off automatically once devices are fully charged.

This not only saves electricity but also reduces the risk of damage caused by overcharging devices or excessive heat, keeping your devices safe and fully charged. Additional features include a recessed handle, 3-Point locking system, cable management dividers, and the ability to store up to 36 devices at once. With leading innovation and the quality you’ve come to expect from the Datum brand, the TekCart Prime by Intellerum offers one of the best mobile storage solutions on the market today!

TekCart GLC

The TekCart GLC has long been the trusted choice of schools, corporate offices, government facilities, and private institutions for secure and organized mobile storage. Designed to store everything from laptops, Chromebooks, netbooks, and even tablets, the TekCart GLC is the go-to solution for keeping technology organized, safe, and fully charged. For 2018, the team at Datum performed extensive R&D to improve the already popular GLC design and continue to lead the market in mobile technology storage.

New for 2018 is a fresh design aimed at providing enhanced storage and mobility in a compact layout. With swivel casters, power management dividers, and integrated handles, you can store up to 32 devices effectively and easily share your technology across multiple applications. Additional features like an integrated charging option and cord wrap allow you to keep your devices charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

TekStak II

Providing secure technology storage for individual devices in a public or academic setting can be a challenge. TekStak by Intellerum has offered a comprehensive answer to this growing challenge and integrates a range of options to match a user’s specific needs. New for 2018 is a completely redesigned TekStak featuring several updates and innovations aimed at providing a secured charging and storage solution for all our clients.

Available in 5, 8, or 10 compartment configurations, units are designed to provide secure storage for individual devices such as laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and more. With 2 USB ports and 1 AC power outlet integrated into each compartment of the TekStak, users can charge multiple devices at once such as smartphones and laptops. Four different locking options including traditional key locks, advanced key with over 100 key variations, a lock hasp, or even digital locks allow users to protect valuables against theft, loss, or damage.

Compartment doors fold down and stop at 90 degrees to allow for easy access when multiple compartments are opened. Integrated ventilation patterns allow for substantial airflow into the unit to prevent damage to devices caused by overheating. An optional laminate top and range of powder coated finishes allow you to customize your unit to match your school’s colors, corporate branding, or the needs of your unique application.


New for 2018 is the TekDepot. Slated to be released later this year, the TekDepot will offer users the ability to store up to 12 devices in a compact layout. Featuring a full metal construction of durable heavy-gauge steel with a powder coated finish, the TekDepot is designed to stand up to daily use and look great for years to come.

Useful features such as two locking options (Keylock & Hasp) as well as a 3-Point locking system are designed to keep your devices safe from theft, loss, or accidental damage. A flip-up door that retracts into the unit allows you to access your devices quickly and easily. Units can also be stacked for additional storage or mounted on a wall or even under a desk or table.

With an optional laminate top and removable shelf for easy setup of charging wires, the options to effectively store and organize your devices is endless. Whether you’re an administrator at a school or are looking for a way to store laptops at your office, the TekDepot offers a wide range of storage possibilities all in one unit.

The Datum team is honored to announce these additions to the Tek line of products for 2018. From redesigned industry leaders like the TekCart GLC and TekStak to the TekCart Prime and TekCart Depot, we’re proud to unveil our latest innovations and look forward to partnering with you in the future for all your storage needs.