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We understand the pressures administrators face when meeting their facility and budget goals every year.

Secure, optimized storage can help you protect valuable equipment, make the most of your existing space, and provide a better learning environment for students and staff alike. From flexible shelving and high-density file systems to secure computer storage, we help schools do more with less every day.

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Computer Security for East Georgia College

College Computer Security

East Georgia College was looking for a way for their students to safely store their laptops and other valuables in the dorms.

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Sports Storage for Central York High School

High School Sports Storage

Central York High School found that they were in need of a storage solution to fit a space they already had.

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Patient Record Transfer for School of Dental Medicine

Patient Record Transfer

The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine was in need of a new, space-saving way to transfer confidential patient records to their respective students.

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Secure Electronic Storage for B. Reed Henderson High School

One-to-One Secure Electronic Storage

B. Reed Henderson High School recently began allowing students to bring their laptops, tablets, and other electronics into school to enhance their learning experience.

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