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Today’s manufacturing and industrial facilities are more advanced than ever, and Datum’s industrial storage is designed to help you keep pace.

Our flexible storage solutions let you pack more into your existing footprint while providing the quick access and flexibility you need to keep your operations running on time and on budget. And we build them to last, just like you do.

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Project & Record Storage for Manufacturing Facility

Project & Record Storage

A manufacturer of precision-engineered offshore drilling and production equipment relocated to a new facility and wanted to update their current filing system.

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Blueprint Storage for Re-Steel

Blueprint Storage

Hard copy blueprints are a must at any construction site. That is why Re-Steel, makers of the steel bars used to reinforce concrete known as rebar, found it necessary to have a more space-efficient and easier to use storage system for their archived rolled blueprints.

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Bulk Inventory Storage for Carisam Ltd.

Bulk Inventory Storage

When faced with having to move their bulk inventory storage to a much smaller area, Carisam Ltd. had to find a more condensed and organized way to store their goods.

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File Storage for Graphcom, Inc.

Commercial Printing Customer File Storage

Graphcom, Inc., a commercial printer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, purchased a new printing press for their new Print-on-Demand department. Unfortunately, there was no room on the production floor for the press.

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